Anti-radiation Phone Case
From the manufacturer, EMR Protection Services:

  • SHIELDS 99% OF CELL-PHONE RADIATION. We engineered our Anti-Radiation case without holes in the are of the speaker to maintain the highest level of EMF protection. Anti-Radiation cases with holes near the speaker are an issue because this is where antennas are located on your IPhone and these antennas produce radiation. Our case has been designed carefully so that you can speak through the shielded cover with 0 reduction in sound quality and maximum protection for your body.
  • SHIELDS BUT DOES NOT INTERFERE: Our anti-radiation case is only shielded on the front side. This effectively creates a radiation barrier between your body and the IPhone without impacting function, reception, battery life or audio/speaking.
  • 360 DEGREE PROTECTION: Our case provides 360 degree protection from damage if dropped. Our case is built of the highest quality materials and weighs in at 0.15 kilograms. Our anti-radiation case is made out of the highest quality vegan leather.
  • FEATURES A MAGNETICALLY-DETACHABLE INNER CORE (pic 2): convenient for placing onto magnetic mount in vehicle (GPS). Easily allows you to take the phone in and out. Also easily converts into a kickstand for watching videos or reading on your phone. RFID: Built-in credit card slot prevents digital theft.

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Anti-Radiation Phone Case for iPhone, 6, ,7 or 8

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