JIS Screwdriver Set
  • JIS Screwdriver Set

Japanese motorcycles use JIS screws and not Philips.  Get the right screwdriver set and you will never have a stuck screw again.

All Gofast Innovations premium quality screwdriver sets are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are packed with features. Quality is in the details. 

This second generation features a revised shape to the handle but still utilizes the hard/soft material that proved so popular in the first generation. These ergonomic handles are molded from a strong thermoplastic resin core fused with bands of a high-friction material to resist slippage in the hand, reduce fatigue and transfer more torque to the screw.

They are now “full tang” meaning the shaft is one piece from the tip to the top of the handle. And on the top of the handle you will find a hex fitting that you can put a wrench or socket on to provide even more torque to help loosen the most stubborn screws. 

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JIS Screwdriver Set

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