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As winter approaches, many motorcyclists are making plans to put their beloved bikes away and take shelter until spring once again thaws the planet. For hardier riders, however, there is an alternative. Year round riding is an option even in northern climates like Canada. This is especially true if you live in an urban centre like Toronto where the streets are rapidly cleared after a snowfall.
As spring approaches there will be an eager crop of new riders looking forward to taking their first motorcycle riding class. Aside from writing your initial driving test (the M1 in Ontario), you will need to have a minimum amount of safety gear before you can take the safety course. In every jurisdiction in Canada you will need at least an approved motorcycle helmet. The riding school will have other requirements. This will likely include a sturdy jacket, sturdy pants, boots and gloves before they will allow you on a motorcycle. The pants and jacket should be a denim material or leather and the boots will need to be leather covering your ankle. Gloves should cover the wrist and have leather palms. Those are the minimum requirements, but if you are serious about riding your own motorcycle you will want to invest in some better motorcycle gear.
Many of us like to ride our bikes as late into the fall/winter as possible, but sooner or later we wind up having to put our bikes away for the season. When that time comes, it's important to prepare the motorcycle properly so that you will have trouble free performance in the spring.
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