• ACF-50 Anti-corrosion fogging oil

Spray on formula leaves a clear ultra-thin film to resist corrosion

Chemically neutralizes the corrosive effects of road salt

Excellent for vehicle storage and protection

Remains active up to 12 months

ACF-50 (Anti Corrosion Formula) was developed to protect aircraft and their electrical systems from corrosion. Aerospace products meet the highest performance standards and for more than 30 years, ACF-50 has continued to meet or exceed those requirements. Motorcycles and aircraft share similar construction materials, so it makes sense to use aerospace quality  protection on motorcycle metal components and electrical systems. Commercial aircraft and motorcycles can be exposed to very corrosive environments like rain, salt air/water from the ocean or de-icing road salts...all can cause damaging corrosion. Using ACF-50 as part of your regular preventative maintenance program will keep your motorcycle in the best condition possible.

ACF-50 chemically treats metal using advanced polar bonding technology.  It forms a “hydrophobic” film as it removes moisture from the metal surface. ACF-50 contains no water and is approved for electrical switches and connectors. It will create a “water resistant” film in all these parts. ACF-50 has strong capillary action so will creep into all the areas that moisture can. Actively pushing out moisture and replacing it with protection.

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ACF-50 Anti-corrosion fogging oil

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